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Youth Programs

Providing a program of school and out-of school-time academic, cultural, and social support in the elementary grades is an identified strategy for increasing the likelihood that a student will graduate from high school.  With this as a long-range goal, we  have co-created a partnership of programs which offer tutoring, mentoring, enrichment, and family programs at the Nettleton-Grant School/Neighborhood sites.  Known collectively as the Nettleton Academic and Cultural Enrichment Programs, these programs work integrally with the teachers and staff of the Nettleton-Grant School to offer high-quality learning experiences for 300+ children and their families throughout the school day and out-of-school-time hours.  While family donations are always welcome, these programs are offered free of charge.


The mission of the  Nettleton Academic and Cultural Enrichment Programs  is to provide opportunities for youth and families to learn and grow in a safe and welcoming environment.  Our programs enhance academic, social, and creative skills which will empower our community through finding strength in our diversity.

Goals for 2010-2011

  • To help increase school attendance
  • To help build academic success
  • To help increase family involvement
  • To develop cultural appreciation
  • To provide opportunities for youth to expand their intellectual, creative, and social skills
  • To provide meaningful service-learning opportunities for youth and community members
  • To foster a love of Reading, Math,  Arts, and Sciences